Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers often wonder about the cost to remove and install our Christmas lights and if they’re incorporated in our full-service options. Review our FAQs to get answers to your questions fast. Don’t see your question below? Contact us today to get the answers you’re looking for and get started!

Q) How much will it cost to remove and install holiday/Christmas lights?

A) Each design and installation is customized to the property. The price will vary depending on your property, budget and needs. Packages are all-inclusive, including lights, installation, removal and storage.

Q) Can you install my existing lights?

A) No, to provide the best solution, you must purchase lights from us. This allows us the ability to fix or replace identical products so that your design looks great every year.

Q) Is there a separate cost to store our lights and decorations?

A) All storage costs are included in your original package, there are no additional storage costs. All stored decoration materials are insured.

Q) Is there a difference between Rainbow Holiday Design lights and the lights I can buy at a retail store?

A) Yes, our lights are professional/commercial grade and are not sold at retail stores. They are customized to fit your house and design. We use the most energy-efficient, cutting-edge technologies available.

Q) Who owns the lights and decorations?

A) All product is purchased by the homeowner and belongs to you.

Q) Will I need to change or add to my electrical power?

A) No, in most instances your current power will be sufficient and our technician will verify that your current power is adequate.

Q) Does Rainbow Holiday Design carry liability insurance?

A) Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

Q) Do we have to be home for the installation and removal?

A) Not for most exterior installations. Unless access to an interior power source is needed, our technicians can complete the job even when you are not at home. Contact Us to Get Started

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