Removal & Storage of Christmas Lights in Minneapolis

We get it–with our winters, removal and storage is the least desirable part of putting up Christmas lights in the Twin Cities. We’ve got you covered–our full-service outdoor Christmas lights program includes custom design, installation & maintenance, and removal & storage (at our facility)!

When you choose Rainbow Holiday Design for your Christmas lights, our team will come to your house to remove your lights right after the holidays or when spring starts to peek out — it’s your choice! Our job isn’t done until your lights are taken down on time and stored until the next holiday season

Rainbow Holiday Design technicians installing Christmas lights in a large tree.
technician on ladder installing lights on roofline of residential house

Professional holiday light removal & storage in the Twin Cities

When we say full service, we truly mean it–we won’t leave you hanging! We remove and store your lights at our location, so kiss your old storage containers goodbye and reclaim some space. When you hire our professional Christmas lighting services again next year, you’ll get to save by already having quality lights, and you won’t have to dig them out from behind your summer storage!

Our hassle-free removal & storage process

  1. Our licensed and insured professionals remove your lights within the scheduled timeframe.
  2. We package them in dedicated bins for your property and provide insured, secure storage so your lights are ready for next season.
  3. As a returning customer, you benefit from your lights already being purchased. When you renew, you’ll only pay for installation, removal, and storage.
  4. If you discontinue service, the lights are yours to keep and are available for pickup at our Minnetonka office.

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Holiday Design?

You can expect trained professionals to deliver outstanding service, from phone representatives to technicians. Our holiday light professionals are also fully licensed, insured, and trained to the highest safety standards. We have the expertise and professional products to safely install lighting products on buildings, landscapes, and trees. Best of all, we handle every aspect of the lighting–design, installation, timely maintenance throughout the season, removal, and secure storage.

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