5 Tips for Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights in Minnesota

Creating a holiday light display for your home can be like giving your neighborhood a gift on the longest nights of winter. Unfortunately, it can also be challenging and tiresome to accomplish. While our experts know how to make Christmas lights look professional, anyone who’s tried to do it knows it’s not a simple task!

Our holiday lighting experts have compiled five tips to help you get professional-looking results you can be proud of! Use our tips on how to make your Christmas lights look professional in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and make the process fast, safe, and hopefully easier.

technician on ladder installing lights on roofline of residential house

Our top 5 tips to learn how to hang Christmas lights outside like a pro

  1. Use high-quality lights: It may take time to find a good source of lighting products. Look for energy efficient and longer lasting products, designed for outdoor use. Read more about some of the professional lighting products we use in our installations.
  2. Take safety precautions: Never climb a ladder without someone holding it at the base. We also recommend starting early in the season, so you aren’t working in the cold, on ice, or snow.
  3. Remember, sometimes less is more: Trying to cover every surface can leave your display looking cluttered—and tackling hard-to-reach heights can put you at risk of falling. Choosing a few focal points that are accessible allows you to do the best job without struggling with awkward angles that may end up looking messy.
  4. Think bottom-up vs. top-down: To wrap the trunks of deciduous trees (trees that leaf out), work your way from the bottom up, coiling the lights as you go. For conifers (evergreen trees), begin at the top and work down and around the tree.
  5. Choose attachments wisely: Avoid using staples or nails that can damage your roof and try light clips instead. There are several types available for different surfaces.

Still unsure if you want to take on this endeavor?

Why not save yourself the trouble and leave it all up to the actual pros to hang Christmas lights like yours every Minnesota winter! At Rainbow Holiday Design, we take the stress and struggle out of hanging Christmas and holiday lights outside. Our team uses certified equipment and techniques to hang lights safely while keeping your home in tip-top shape.

Purchasing from us is a package deal. With Rainbow Holiday Design, you’ll get high-quality LED lights plus installation, removal, and storage! That’s right, we help you design your light display, install them for you, provide maintenance after harsh winter storms and come back when you’re ready to remove them. All you have to do is sit back and become the star of the neighborhood! So what are you waiting for? ‘Tis the season to decorate and celebrate the holidays—so do it better this year!

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