Programmable Color Changing LED Christmas Lights Installation in MN

For homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, the season for holiday light displays is even longer than winter. And that’s saying something! No one wants to be the neighbor whose Christmas lights outwear their welcome. But outdoor lights need to be installed in the fall before snow and ice make it harder, and it’s tough to take them down until things thaw in early spring. That means Minnesota light displays span more than one holiday. 

With programmable color-changing LED lights, homeowners can renew outdoor light displays with the click of a remote control to keep light shows fresh and appropriate all season long. Read our expert advice on how to get the most from your programmable color changing Christmas Lights in Minnesota!

What makes LED lights different?

According to, LEDs have several unique qualities:

  • The light source, which they compare to the size of a flake of pepper, can display red, green, and blue light or a combination of those colors without using colored glass, which can lower light output.
  • LEDs can shine light in any direction without the need for reflectors, which can also block light.
  • Incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs waste a great deal of energy as heat–90% and 80%, respectively.

Energy efficiency

LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs use upwards of 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs of the past. They typically last 25 times longer too! These energy-efficient, long-lasting bulbs can help you maximize the value of your outdoor Christmas light investment.

How can you create a holiday light display to love all season long?

Step 1: Choose lights that give you options

Multicolor christmas lights on house and tree

With programmable LED lights, you can change your light display any time you’d like! Depending on the exact technology you choose, you’ll have the option to change colors and effects such as blinking, dancing, or running lights. Consider these ideas to extend the use of your holiday light display:

  • Try a warm white display to cheer up early (and late) winter nights, without worrying about Christmas creeping into other holidays.
  • Switch to orange and green for a unique Thanksgiving or Halloween theme that complements your fall landscape.
  • A pop of red, white, and blue can mark election day in early November.
  • Blue and white to celebrate Hanukkah.
  • Red and green for Christmas.
  • A family member’s favorite color to celebrate a winter birthday!

Yes! All across the globe, winter celebrations have incorporated light from the earliest times in human history. Even in warmer climates, the long nights and short days can be challenging to our moods. For many people, holiday lights bring back happy childhood memories. For others, they help ward off seasonal affective disorder. A beautiful light display can be a gift to your neighborhood that everyone can enjoy!

Step 2: Create a “big picture” vision for your display

Spend the time and research what themes you want, how best to implement on your home’s design, and what style of lights are most appealing to you for a cohesive display.

Whether you prefer an energetic, colorful display with dancing lights or a stately monochrome display that creates a peaceful atmosphere on long winter nights, your display should feel unified. A tree wrapped in pink lights is a cute Valentine’s Day statement, but combining it with a rooftop lined with red and green Christmas lights is jarring.
To determine the overall shape of your display, scope out your property from different angles. What stands out when you look at it from the street? What catches your eye when you pass on the sidewalk? Highlighting a few larger shapes, such as a roofline or centrally located tree, gives the eye something to focus on. The rest of the display can be treated as a backdrop that compliments those features to create a cohesive look that doesn’t feel crowded.

Look at images of other holiday light displays, as well as examples from past seasons in your neighborhood, for inspiration. What do you like about your favorites? What is it about examples that you don’t like that make them feel wrong for you?

White lighting display with red accents on planters and bushes

Step 3: Plan your installation

Hanging Christmas lights on a roofline safely on a ladder

LEDs may cost more than incandescent lights to purchase, but they cost up to 90% less to operate. Those savings can make a high-quality, durable light string designed to be used outdoors a worthwhile investment. Read more about lighting project choices.

To avoid damaging your home, try using specially designed light clips instead of nails or staples. Ready to get started? See more tips on hanging outdoor Christmas lights like a pro from the experts at Rainbow Holiday Design!

Don’t have time to do it yourself?

With Rainbow Holiday Design, our professional installers are available to design a plan, provide the highest quality equipment, and get your display up and running in no time. Once you purchase your programmable color-changing LED Christmas lights from us, they are yours to keep! We also provide ongoing maintenance through the season if any lights do burn out. What’s more, at the end of the season, we’ll remove your display and even provide storage!

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