Lighting Products, Including Programmable Outdoor Christmas Lights

Rainbow Holiday Design uses the highest-quality lights rated for outdoor use to create a durable and lasting display. We have a variety of professional-grade Christmas light products to choose from when creating a custom design for your home–including fully-programmable RGB lights, giving you every color possible. After all, this is Minnesota, so your lights must last through any harsh storm this winter and the next!

From single-color LED lights to innovative RGB programmable lights for endless possibilities, your holiday design consultant will consider your style and budget when creating your custom design. Combined with our installation & maintenance and removal & storage, all you have to do is sit back and be the star of the neighborhood!

RGB Programmable Lights

Our RGB & LED Christmas light options–from basic to programmable

Whether you choose a classic style or something complex and cutting-edge, our experts will bring your vision to life with the right lighting products! For your convenience, we use energy-efficient LED lights, so in most cases, your current power supply will be adequate. Choosing from our selection means your Christmas lights will stand out in any neighborhood because our professional-grade equipment is unavailable on the retail market. Our wide selection of programmable LED lights (both single color and color changing) and fully programmable RGB lights can match any design you choose–from classic and simple to bold and festive! We also offer various lighting products such as wreaths, garlands orbs, and freestanding decorations for outlining walkways.

Our outdoor Christmas & holiday lights options include:

LED lights (our most popular option)

  • Offer several advantages over incandescent lights
  • Last longer than traditional incandescent lights
  • Use less energy to operate than incandescent lights
  • Have a brighter appearance than store-bought lighting

RGB Programmable Lights

  • Can be customized to any design and music of your choice
  • Allow you to change the programmed animation without having to switch out products
  • Allow you to display lights at different colors, speeds, intensity and transitions
  • Have a brighter appearance than store-bought lighting

Best of all, once you purchase your lights, they are all yours–no rentals needed! Your lights are yours to keep. If you renew your service, we will store and reinstall them. If you discontinue service, they are available for pickup at our Minnetonka office.

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Holiday Design?

You can expect trained professionals to deliver outstanding service, from phone representatives to technicians. Our holiday light professionals are also fully licensed, insured, and trained to the highest safety standards. We have the expertise and professional products to safely install lighting products on buildings, landscapes, and trees. Best of all, we handle every aspect of the lighting–design, installation, timely maintenance throughout the season, removal, and secure storage.

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