Rainbow Lights Tree for Gillette Children’s Commercial

Rainbow Holiday Design’s work was featured in this TV video for Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. Gillette partners with Regions Hospital to operate the first Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in Minnesota and provides best-in-class care for critically injured children. Rainbow Holiday Design can provide custom tree lighting any time of the year!

large tree wrapped in warm white lights for Gillette Children's Commercial

No job is too big for our experts!

A 75 foot tall white oak tree was lit with approximately 11,000 lights in the middle of July as the focal point for the ad. Channel Z production Company brought Rainbow in with only 30 hours’ notice on an emergency basis.

Our Holiday Lights staff enthusiastically responded and coordinated the project with unstoppable “can do” energy. Two technicians and two sales reps worked most of the night physically stringing the lights to create this stunning backdrop display! All Rainbow staff members worked their normal day shifts, prior to and after the add-on night work. A remarkable feat. 

Thanks to the expertise of our holiday design team and our wide range of equipment, we were able to deliver on this large project in a short amount of time!

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